2KXO is the premier showcasing and
discovery application. Facilitating a globalized society
with innovative technology powered by expression.
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Unlimited Streaming, Global Marketplace and
a Built in Private Time Messenger all in one application

Unlimited Streaming -Screamxo


Global Marketplace -ScreamXo




Using 2KXO

Amazing Features

2KXO provides all creatives a place to professionally organize media, merchandise, products and services in one highly magnetizing application. Not only can our users display any form of creative media users may also conduct sales and blog quickly and easily using one single application 2KXO!
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    Better Control

    On 2KXO, our users also are given 100% control
    over their security and privacy. 2KXO provides a safe place
    for everything social.

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    Power or practical user? Doesn’t matter,
    2KXO’s intuitive user interface
    was made with you in mind.

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    Features digital currency, third-party payment processors and card stowage.
    Users can buy and sell with in our global marketplace.
    Send and receive funds from friends and family from anywhere on the globe.

  • Unlimited Streaming -Screamxo

    Unlimited Streaming

    2KXO gives you access to unlimited streaming,
    Stream and post unlimited music, videos and podcasts.


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Here are frequently asked questions from our users
What is 2KXO

2KXO™ is the first private network for musicians, artists, photographers, and more to interact and share their creations.

Media Buffet: Share all your photos, videos, and audio in one easy-to-access layout.

Check-in: Post a live stream instantly to your profile page.

Shop: Buy and sell goods directly on your global profile via local currency or Bitcoin.

Stream: Stream text with no limits! We provide micro-blogging capabilities via social stream.

Your information is never published and will remain 100% private. With 2KXO™ the control is in the user’s hands.

How can I join the IOS beta

Click the App Store download button at the top or bottom of this page!

How to invite friends

Use the “Social Machine” button located at the top of the social page in app to access the People Finder which will find people you are connected with outside of Screamxo. People Inviter will send exclusive invites to your social network and contacts.

How can I sell on 2kXO

You have a couple ways to sell an item on 2kxo. Simply click the (+) button next to the Shop section on your dashboard or visit the shop page then click the “Sell” button at the bottom of the page.

When will it be available for android

The wait is almost over Team Android! 2KXO is due for Android Launch May 18th!

Contact Us

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