User data, is it really private?


October 20, 2018

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with the digital world and the Internet, we continue to generate even more data about ourselves, our lifestyle, our surfing habits and preferences online which is collected by whichever web service we are using. Something which can not be denied, however, is that no matter how much data we generate or share or put on the Internet, the users hold the right that their information never gets shared with anyone that they do not want to without their consent. But as more and more people are finding out today, the web services we use, particularly the social networking sites aren’t that protective of our data as they claim to be.
The Facebook Data Scandal
The recent Facebook data scandal is proof of this. Despite Facebook’s claims of valuing user’s privacy and their claims of protecting it from being used and accessed by unauthorized personnel, the data leak happened, and it wasn’t a small one either. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg admitted and stated that it would take them a few years to completely rectify their mistakes.
But coming to other web platforms as well that collect and use our data, these platforms do allow some level of control to users over what happens to their data and what it is used for. Taking the example of Facebook again, the social media platform provides users with a detailed yet complex level of control over their data which enable them to control their data privacy and security. But even if you were to spend hours one day researching everything and then changing the settings, you may find yourself in a position a few months later where Facebook adds a new feature and you have to start over completely.
The Issue of Social Network Privacy
’If you feel like someone is watching you, you’re right. If you’re worried about this, you have plenty of company. If you’re not doing anything about this anxiety, you’re just like almost everyone else.’ (Bob Sullivan, 2011)
Every social media site allows, and even requires users to publish details about themselves online. Users of these platforms willingly do so as it enables them to truly enjoy the benefits, features, and offerings of these social media platforms. Some of that information is meant to be shared with friends and family, but other kinds of information collected by and provided to these companies should remain completely confidential and private, and yet we find that is not so at all.
Of course, the data social networking companies collect about their users is with the aim of providing more relevant and personalized services to their users, but it is even more relevant in terms of being sold to advertisers. This data provides great opportunities for marketers to find out about the likes, dislikes, surfing habits, needs and preferences of users. This is why you start getting ads in your feed about something you searched on Google just a few minutes ago.
Guaranteed User Privacy
With every web service provider and social media platform we witness this pattern of data abuse, where user privacy is violated, their data mined and sold to the highest bidder. Users are researching ways to hide their online sessions so that they can take control of their privacy. But wouldn’t it just be better if users could have complete control over their data and privacy so that it is never used for any purpose at all without their permission?
2KXO, a social networking platform solves this very pressing problem we are faced with today. The company puts the privacy of its users foremost and also gives them complete control over it. It enables users to control what content is viewable by which group of people and allows them to choose from amongst the options of sharing it with friends, public, or no one at all. What’s more, 2KXO guarantees that user information will not be sold or used for advertisements. This is something truly commendable for the company when it comes to ensuring user data privacy, and 2KXO is certainly going the right way about it, something will definitely please its audience and users.


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