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On 2KXO users have access to more exclusive content directly from the brands and people they love, readily as they release it allowing 2KXO users rapid access to exclusive content in an unlimited fashion! Users can stream, and upload unlimited videos, music, podcasts and photos. It gets even better as users can share posts with contacts, leave comments and even support them with a simple like which gives a financial tip to the content creator for their magnificent work. Activities on posts will continuously generate cash for the content creator, as part of the 2KXO reward system.

2KXO revolutionizes basic social media communication strategies. Not only does 2KXO allow text posting, it improves on the 280 character limit adopted by allowing users to blog their heart out without restrictions. Users can scribe text using custom emoji’s, gifs and graphics on their microblog.

Text posts are also relevant in the earning of XOcash. These posts can also be tracked, and notifications can be enabled for efficient post monitoring.  All posts can be displayed globally to contacts, or followers that can comment, like, and share. The barriers to effectively communicate and stream are torn down, making this process as efficient and seamless as possible.


  • Users can communicate in different ways, based on mood, content adaptability and content form. E.g. videos, podcasts etc.
  • Users can keep track of latest content and updates depending on their interests
  • Content creators can continuously earn XOcash based on the activity their posts generate
  • Users control what content they allow others to see and choose who’s content they would like to see.

Take charge of your content today! Join the 2KXO community. We drive ROI by placing your content in front of carefully selected individuals laser-targeted to precision. What are you waiting for? Try 2KXO today.


To protect and to create a safe platform for our users we offer a variety of payment options and we also allow our users to leave detailed written reviews on all marketplace items. For merchants selling high value items, we offer cash equivalent payment via XOcash. Shopper side Protection covers buyers in case there is an issue with an order. If an item doesn’t arrive or is significantly not as described, select payment methods guarantee buyers are fully compensated.


Security of Processes
Your security as a user is of the utmost importance to us. Online security measures such as passwords, account and pin numbers are used whenever sensitive transactions take place to ensure that no other person can gain access to your financial or personal details without authorization.


  • It gives users the ability to easily promote their post to the world with just a click of the button.
  • Our AI automatically stacks the most effective advertising schemes for your post.
  • Geo-Target traffic from countries you ship to, service or choose to display your media.
  • We drive only relevant visitors interested in the products you are selling or content you are promoting.
  • Boost guarantees highly targeted leads will be driven to your posts.
  • Real time updates of keywords, categories from edits you make to your post.
  • Based on the quality and cost per impression Boost clients are paying a competitive rate contrasted with competitor services accounting for the in-house professional ad copywriting, strategizing and targeting 2KXO does for each Boost campaign
  • The initial outlay on Boost campaigns will virtually always be recouped at even the lowest markup price per item

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The 2KXO strategy is to leverage e-commerce, social marketing and automated advertising to drive user acquisition. 2KXO is already generating exciting vibes amongst a brilliant generation of youths, with its revolutionized use of social media. Sign up today for an unlimited experience.

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