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With 2KXO users have access to more exclusive content directly from the brands and people they love, readily as they release it allowing 2KXO users rapid access to exclusive content in an unlimited fashion! Users can stream, or upload unlimited videos, music, podcasts, and photos. It gets even better as users can share posts with contacts, leave comments and even support them with a simple like which gives a financial tip to the content creator for their magnificent work. Activities on posts will continuously generate cash for the content creator, as part of the 2KXO reward system.

2KXO revolutionizes basic social media communication strategies. Users can scribe text posts using custom emoji’s, and graphics via the 2KXO microblog. Not only does 2KXO allow text posting; it also improves on the 280 character limit by allowing users to blog their heart out without such limitations.

All posts can be tracked, via notifications which should be enabled for efficient post monitoring. Posts can be displayed publicly, with friends or privately to followers that can comment, like, and share. The barriers to unlimited social hypermedia streaming have been torn down by 2KXO!


  • 1.

    Users can communicate in different ways, based on mood, taste, content form adaptability and time. E.g. videos, podcasts etc posted for 1-24 hours

  • 2.

    Users can much more easily keep track of global content and trends depending on their interests

  • 3.

    Content creators can continuously earn bonuses based on the engagements their posts generate

  • 4.

    Users control what content they allow others to see and choose who’s content they would like to see, as the control remains in their hands

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