On March 16, 2016, my mother finally joined Facebook. Two seconds later, I promptly left Facebook. I didn’t do anything dramatic like delete my account and drop off the face of the earth. That would have been too obvious and my mother would certainly have called me to ask me why I had such a drastic reaction to her joining the site. You see, my mother is that smart and she is quite the master of passive aggressiveness. She wouldn’t understand that there are just some things no one wants their parents to witness. So instead, I stopped making posts and my account went silent.

My mother on Facebook means that I always have to be on my best behavior. It means the face I present to the outer world has to be constantly controlled. It means I cannot be at my most sociable because I always have to be careful with what I put up. In other words, she invaded my privacy and I had to get out of dodge.

So yes, I left Facebook and Instagram (she found me on that as well. I told you she is quite tenacious) and instead moved to 2kxo. Why? Because of 2kxo’s nifty privacy feature which means, not only do I control the people I befriend on the social media site, but it also means I can regulate who does and doesn’t see my posts and the things I share. What this means is that I can be completely myself, without fear of my mother monitoring my posts, nor do I have to censor who I am because my boss can read my posts (yes, my boss also added me on Facebook. When it rains, it pours).

Add the fact that on Facebook and most other social media sites, your personal information is just there, waiting to be harvested by them (yes Facebook is watching you big brother style. Don’t believe me, google it. Trust me, Google’s your friend. A friend that’s also watching you, but a friend all the same), well, it’s even more of a reason to make the switch to 2kxo. We don’t harvest your information for ‘advertising purposes’. Instead, you get to be yourself, keep your personal information private, stream endlessly, be part of a vast community, buy and sell merchandise like you want to, without the fear of an invasion of your privacy. Whether by your parents, your boss, those childhood friends you no longer talk to, or us.

You’ve got our word on that.

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