Whenever my mother thinks of love, she thinks of dancing with my dad. My best friend finds love in a good book, preferably a murder-mystery with a lot of blood and gore. I on the other hand find it in long walks, soft kisses, a book, a movie, a song. Love means so many different things to each of us, and now, there’s something else to add to the list: 2kxo.

Confused? Let me explain. 2kxo is at its very core, a social networking app that connects people, gives them a platform to express themselves and build relationships. Now we all know that the best relationships are built on time spent together and having someone to talk to and listen to. So doesn’t that make the app that makes it all possible, one that encourages love?

And let’s not forget that love is all about sharing, and with 2kxo’s vast library filled with songs and videos and pictures that are basically the 2kxo community sharing the things they love with others, wouldn’t you say that in itself is love?

Another thing to add to the list? Private conversations. Those long chats with your friends when you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to geek out about, or just chatting with someone new; all conversations that 2kxo is able to make happen, thanks to its private messaging option. Add the fact that you’re able to time certain messages to self-destruct and you get a layer of vulnerability in your conversations because you know you can say any and everything and those words would disappear in ten second flat.

And then there’s the fact that 2kxo loves us so much that not only do we get the chance to buy and sell stuff on the app, but we also get three payment options: Paypal, Western Union and Bitcoin that means no matter what corner of the world you’re at, 2kxo’s got you covered.

And the ultimate proof of love? Us being able to share our posts and content on other social media as well, because you know love isn’t selfish. So this Valentine’s Day, in addition to going out and eating chocolate and giving out gifts, treat yourself and does you love to 2kxo as well. It’s more fun at zero cost, and trust me, they will thank you for it.

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