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Multitask Assistant


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Amazing Features

We help you stream unlimited ad-free multimedia for $0, you get free shipping on every order you place with us, plus you get free promos to boost everything you have to sale, helping you make money 24/7 around the clock even while you sleep!

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    Watch unlimited videos, stream music, listen to podcasts, or post a selfie. Choose how you enjoy 2KXO. Take the center stage, or watch from the best seat in the house 📲

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    For the powerful and practical users alike, 2KXO’s intuitive user interface was made with you in mind 🤗

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    Pay with verified payment processors when shopping in the marketplace. Donate and receive funds from your trusted contacts securely via 2KXO Connect 💳

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    Our users are given 100% control over their security and privacy. 2KXO provides a safe place for everyone to stay connected. 😎

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What We Do?

We facilitate a global online-community with innovative technology powered by expression. Your information is never published without your consent and will remain 100% private. Showcasing and discovery meets total privacy and security. With 2KXO the control is in your hands.

How To Sell An Item?

From your dashboard click the shop option button or click menu then select the (+) button to begin listing your item. Make sure to be as detailed as possible including details like size, shipping speed, and refund policy.

How Do I Delete A Post?

Open the post you would like to delete, click the menu and select the option button. From there you will be able to delete any post you uploaded previously.

How To Invite Friends?

Find or invite new users with the “Social Machine” button located at the top of the social and people pages to access the People Finder which will find people you are connected with outside of 2KXO. Or use the People Inviter to send exclusive invites to your social contacts.

Safety Best Practices?

Be as social as possible, but doubly as safe as possible. To access your comprehensive privacy and security settings click the menu button then select the "Gear" icon to launch the settings screen. Never purchase items or send money to individuals you do not know or cannot trust due to lack of reviews and/or recommendations. Report abuse by clicking the options button in the menu. To report any system issues or bugs simply shake your phone and using the tools provided submit your feedback being as detailed as possible.

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