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October 20, 2018

The history of man is marked with feats of technological improvements. The man has always strived to better himself, to progress further and to stay a step ahead from the man of yesterday. We started out traveling on our feet, eventually, we learned to tame animals and rode them to traverse long distances, we progressed and learned to make bicycles, followed by road vehicles, to air vehicles, to even space vehicles. Whatever the domain, man has progressed and made innovations. But I ask, why hasn’t man-made innovations in social networking? More or less ever since its first breakthrough social media has more or less adhered to its original archetype. While the colors or the text might’ve changed, the concept is still the same. And are we content with that? Are we content with the rebuttal of any progress of the online social network? Of Course, we aren’t. We as human beings are tuned to be greedy. To want more of what we have every second of having it and the social network is no exception. Sure, a lot of the existing social networking applications have deeply entrenched themselves into our lives but we always seem to have room to spare and when something truly amazing comes along, it demands all the space there is.
I believe something like that has come along, silently working its ways through the gallows, without anyone noticing, working bit by bit for the last 9 years to give us something truly revolutionary, to give us 2KXO. At the heart of 2KXO is the unique idea of providing a platform where users can perform a variety of functions at a simple touch. Today, we have a plethora of applications each that does its best to serve its function, we have YouTube for streaming videos, we have Sound cloud for streaming songs, we have Instagram and Facebook for social networking, we have eBay for selling and buying products online and many other applications which try their best to serve us in their own domains. However, do we really need a plethora of these applications to carry out our everyday activities? Should we really have to switch from Sound cloud to YouTube because we wish to stream a video instead of a song. Doing this is both confusing and inefficient. The simple solution is to have everything all in one place and that’s what 2KXO gives us. 2KXO provides us with the ability to stream an unlimited amount of videos from its vast library carrying out the function of both music and video streaming applications. It provides us with a place to post content, in the form of rants or media or even private messages, hence performing the function of social networking sites. And finally, it provides us with a place to carry out business, to sell and buy services and products, performing the function of e-commerce.
2KXO is a proactive application which focuses on efficiency and convenience, it is a step away from the redundant norm, allowing its user to access social marketing from a completely new perspective.


Hi, I'm your 2KXO personal assistant MAX. I can help you prepare for the 2KXO launch or help get you sneak peak beta passes. Not only does 2KXO offer users unlimited social streaming and shopping, but users can also donate and request funds quickly and easily all in one app. Be first to see it or better yet, get access to the private beta now.


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