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2KXO Student brand ambassadors


2KXO is a company that believes in making the lives of people better and we seek to make social networking more fun for everyone. On our amazing 2KXO platform, users won’t be bugged by clickbait, sponsored ads, fake news, follower bots and unnecessary ‘likes’…. What users will get is endless opportunities to connect with communities (‘crowds’) offline. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this innovation? We bet you will and that is why we are searching for smart and sociable students to let the world know that we are the new cool.


All you need to do is to get everyone at your College to sign up on 2KXO! As a Student Brand Ambassador, you will be in charge of raising awareness and engagement for our product – 2KXO App. This role will be a lot easier because the 2KXO is awesome as it provides an exciting new way to connect with people at your school.
This role will put you at the forefront of this new product as you will get a chance to work closely with University societies and sports clubs. You will also be in charge of setting up fun challenges to drive engagement and downloads of the app and of course some fun events along the way.


  • Strategize the best ways to stir and improve social life on campus
  • Analyze your work and improve it over time
  • Amplify your activity through social media
  • Conduct brand exposure activities and organize events
  • Manage your time along with your studies
  • Identify campus-specific activation opportunities and brainstorm ways to integrate 2KXO into college life and culture along with other student ambassadors in your school
  • Be an advocate for how this product adds value to student life on campus, and invite people to download and make use of the application based on their interest.
  • Collect and report intel and give product feedback to your Manager on how the application can better serve students on your campus.

what we

  • All-expenses paid training day hosted in London with the 2KXO team.
  • Prizes and bonuses for the best performing SBA’s
  • 2KXO Merchandise
  • Access to our partner events (parties, sports events, concerts, festivals, etc.)
  • Summer internships


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